Welcome to blogging

I launched my own WordPress blog, The Learning Curve, in the spring of 2017, where I write about learning, teaching, reading, and parenting. Our classroom blogs started the following fall. While I do not publish as often as I would like, I have seen firsthand the powerful nature of having an authentic audience to read your writing. Blogging is also the best reflection I have ever done.  You get to be a better writer through…you guessed it…writing.  Now, not only will I read your work, but so will your classmates and hopefully your family and friends. Real people are going to read your writing! Not just your teacher!

Our classrooms are partnered up with classes across the country (California, North Carolina, Oregon, Georgia, West Virginia, Texas, Michigan, and other parts of Virginia) and we will read each other’s posts on a monthly basis and comment on each other’s.

We will use this blog to write about literature (12th grade) and current events (11th grade), but I hope you will find (or continue to hone) your voice on a variety of topics through this process.

Happy Blogging!

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